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Empathy driven by experience. That's what I believe makes me a great design leader. That and the fact I like to just give things a go, no matter how challenging.

About me

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I've been working in product design for 7 years. I've also worked in software development, startup accelerators, and as an emergency services leader.

It's these opportunities and experiences which have shaped me into an award-winning technologist. I've become a naturally curious and ambitious person, always considering how things can be done better. I think great on my feet and am often relied upon for situational leadership.

An almost impatience to break the status quo and get things done drive me to deliver great results.


2023 - now

CX Design Lead

Gaining satisfaction through my ability to empower, build and inspire the design team to improve and enjoy their job. I've built a larger and more inclusive team and cultivated a more collaborative environmen through the placing the trust of decision making back into the hands of the designers. Check out my portfolio to learn more.

St John Ambulance
2022 - now

Area Manager

Providing leadership, support, and direction to the 6 regions across Victoria. Through collaboration and exploration with various teams, the role aims to improve and support the delivery of recruitment, training, engagement, and member development. This enables St John to build our capability to respond to events, both planned and unplanned.

UXCamp Melbourne | Naarm
2023 - now

Founding Organiser

An unconference for UX professionals, students and enthusiasts. I put my hand up to not only become a founding organiser in Melbourne, but also one of the big day-of jobs, being the lead on scheduling and talks. This involved organising the keynote speaker, assisting with the creation of the run sheet, planning and creating the speaker schedules and other event day logistics.

2021 - 2022

Interim Design Lead

Give direction and support for the entire design team by defining process, principles, vision and mission in addition to day-to-day mentoring.
My passion for design enables me to draw out and drive creativity and innovation by leading workshops throughout our experience team.

2020 - 2021

UX Designer

Lead design ops, enabling our designers to drive consistency and good design practise through the development and application of design processes, principles and methodology.
I also took on a number of high profile focus areas, including the creation and use of a new design system, and all customer communications and messaging surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

St John Ambulance
2020 - 2022

Regional Manager

A senior leadership role line-managing six local divisions in inner Melbourne (around 300 volunteers in total). With responsibility to empower my leadership team in getting them to events, keeping them engaged and ensuring their training meets regulated and self-imposed standards.

2018 - 2020

Experience Designer

Lead UX design for the Enterprise B2B Digitisation program, a key pillar of their T22 strategy.
I specifically focussed on the concept to order value chain, designing a number of journeys and experiences within Phoenix and Telstra Partner Central, Telstra's implementation of Salesforce and Salesforce Communities respectively.

2017 - 2018

Operations & Community Manager

Brought an IoT themed accelerator to Melbourne. I worked across marketing, project management and planning, research and ecosystem and public engagement.

Commonwealth Bank

UX Intern

Worked within the Retail and Wealth Assisted Channels- User Experience Design and Strategy team. Was involved with a number of projects where time critical delivery of wireframes, user interviews, usability testing, and visual design were required.

Griffith University
2014 - 2017

Various UX & software projects

Engaged by several groups within the university to design and build applications..


Product Design

A broad cover-all as a designer. From discovery, research and ideation, to prototyping, testing, facilitation and collaboration, I'm there. And you'd probably expect that to be the case.


Creativity, creative thinking and design tend to go hand-in-hand. I pride myself on my ability to tell the right stories, strategise, or use those classic design thinking skills. Turns out design needs a pretty creative skillset.

Situational Leadership

My promotions into leadership positions within emergency management services has enabled me to expand my leadership skills into working quickly to achieve specific tasks in strenuous situations. I achieve this through both directive and supportive behaviours.
Switching into a different leadership mode is like a breath of fresh air. It's why I love volunteering in the sector.

Lateral Thinking

There is some conjecture on this topic, but I firmly believe that this skill is something I hold in my arsenal. Time and again I've been praised on my ability to look differently at problems and concepts. Whether it's challenging assumptions, brainstorming, or plainly finding the right way to put the pieces together.