Throughout my years of working in design, I've built up a collection of articles, podcasts, videos and other items that I recommend for anyone in the industry.


I've mentored for many years across the various pursuits I've been involved with, including university students, graduates and designers.

I'm now mentoring over on ADPList, so feel free to book in.

Videos & creators


Making the most of your time at university

I'd be remiss to not include my own speaking gig. This presentation aims to show you practical ways to keep you at the top of the employability list coming out of university.



A Senior Product Designer working in tech, Femke covers learnings and experiences being a designer. Femke always has something interesting to say and covers a wide variety of topics from salaries to toolsets.

Design & Education

The Futur

The Futur is an agency and course creator that focuses on 5 main topics: Mindset, Marketing, Sales & Negotiations, Pricing & Motivation.


Matt D'Avella

Matt is a documentary filmmaker who nerds out about self-development. He covers topics like self-development, creativity & filmmaking, often interviewing a domain expert. His content is sprinkled with just the right amount of humour.



Design Life

I love seeing our Kiwi neighbours succeed, and Femke and Charli are the epitome of that. In their wonderful podcast, they look at design, side projects and solving the everyday struggles.


Creative Confidence

IDEO U is a conversation with designers, thinkers and creatives. It focusses on leadership, innovation and growth. I love the stories it brings.


The NNg UX Podcast

Covering the full spectrum of UX from strategy to design, industry expert guests discuss their ideas, thoughts and tips.

Personal Development

Deep Dive

Ali Abdaal delves into the minds of entrepreneurs and creators to uncover the philosophies, strategies and tools that help us live happier, healthier and more productive lives.



Inside Apple Park

Takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Apple Design Team and how their processes and designs evolve the way humans interact with technology.


Design Maturity Model

A report from across industries showing the relationship between design maturity and business performance. Required reading, especially for those who might feel stuck trying to prove the value of design.



That Portfolio Book

This online visual and audio book enables you to create a successful portfolio. It includes interviews with the people hiring you and the actions you can take right now to land new job opportunities.