Meet Josh, a design leader based in Melbourne.

Josh smiling standing in front of a brick wall.
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A designer with diverse life experience

I've been fortunate to gain experiences across not only business industries like telecom and retail, but also in first response, emergency management, volunteer/community service and event management. In regional and metro locations.

I owe this to my natural curiosity, love of learning, sense of adventure and never-say-die attitude.

It's these experiences and diverse passions that make me a great designer, allowing me to see opportunities from new perspectives and put my lateral thinking to the test.

Josh smiling standing in front of a brick wall.
Josh in a hiking outfit standing on a cliff edge overlooking the ocean.

Leading with empathy and enthusiasm

I've found that I love helping others, no matter the context. It could be fellow designers, our users, the wider community, or pretty much anyone else.

I've lead teams of firefighters, first aiders, designers and event volunteers. Now that's interdisciplinary.

I've worked across process change, scaling teams, research, change management and restructures.

And for me, it all comes down to trust, empowerment and collaboration.

Design experience

2023 -

CX Design Lead

Gaining satisfaction through my ability to empower, build and inspire the design team to improve and enjoy their job. I've built a larger and more inclusive team and cultivated a more collaborative environmen through the placing the trust of decision making back into the hands of the designers.

UXCamp Melbourne | Naarm
2023 -

Founding Organiser

Organised the first unconference for UX professionals, students and enthusiasts in Melbourne. My primary role was scheduling and talks lead, taking our sell out crowd (100+ tickets) and filling the full schedule of 20+ speakers on the day from members of the audience.

2021 - 2022

Interim Design Lead

Privileged to be able to give direction and support for the entire design team by defining process, principles, vision and mission in addition to day-to-day mentoring. Continuing to lead the design system development.

2020 - 2021

UX Designer

Lead what is essentially design ops, enabling our designers to drive consistency and good design practise through the development and application of a new design system, design processes, principles and methodology.

2019 - 2020

Experience Designer

I lead UX design for the Enterprise B2B Digitisation program, specifically focussed on the concept to order value chain.

Commonwealth Bank

UX Intern

Working within the Retail and Wealth Assisted Channels- User Experience Design and Strategy team.

My values



I work best with open and honest communication. Between my team, my stakeholders and managers.



I'm always more than happy to tell people exactly what's going on and what I need help with. Transparency builds trust.



It's the classic -moving beyond the ways we've always done things. I want to try new things and drive value for users and businesses.



Not shy to take on a challenge, and I don't easily give up. I'm determined to find better solutions and am not deterred by failure.



A designer's superpower. But also me in a nutshell. Empathy driven by my experiences, for users, my team, and other humans.



Loyalty and trust are built through empathy and transparency.

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