Telstra’s partner platform uplift

Creating a beautiful world class collaboration experience driving $1.5 billion in sales.

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Partner relationship management
Primary skill
Product Design

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The challenge

Telstra's Partner program is a high priority for Telstra Enterprise as they look at new ways to serve their customers and accelerate the growth of their Enterprise business.

Due to the speed Telstra Partner Central had been created and launched to MVP, a gap in the ideal user experience had been formed.

My role

I led the experience portion of the project, liaising between our additional visual designer, project lead, experience manager and product owner.


Lean UX: Build. Measure. Learn.

I used my startup knowledge to apply lean UX principles to this project. It was imperative to keep the users needs at the heart of every phase of the process:

  • Formulate a valid hypothesis based on a previous project.
  • Conduct early and frequent user testing with initial and revised wireframes to unveil unexpected pain points and new learnings.
  • Define our MVP.
  • Focus on research and testing results to refine features that users really need.
  • Develop a custom toolkit that includes Sketch libraries.
  • Present the work to our stakeholders using research results, wireframes and a shareable final pack.
I rapidly iterated the wireframes after every round of testing
I rapidly iterated the wireframes after every round of testing

A later iteration of the initial wireframe
A later iteration of the initial wireframe



The final product has been built and deployed after a 12+ month process.

What I learned

  • Keep stakeholders engaged- A variation of stakeholder engagement meant that some were less involved than others. This caused some problems with getting decisions made.
  • Working with design systems- It was my first time working with a design system and I was required to change it to enable its use with Salesforce.
  • Keeping to interview time limits- Interviews can be difficult sometimes. You want your users to share what's important to them, but if not monitored carefully, this can come at the detriment of getting feedback on the important items you need.
A massive thank you for the passion and quality of work you produce for Telstra Partner Central.
Product Owner

More about this project

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