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'I'm on my Way' aimed to make the Click & Collect customer experiences more convenient and rewarding. Officeworks was one of the first Australian retailers to implement two hour Click & Collect, but feedback from our customers via the Net Promotor Score (NPS) showed that it wasn’t always a fast, convenient experience. This was a data-driven project, focused on improving customer experience, team member experience and overall Click & Collect processes.

My role was the CX Design Lead, overseeing the junior and senior designers working on this project directly.


Officeworks’ customer survey data showed the key driver for a customer to opt for Click & Collect was to save time. Unfortunately, our NPS feedback showed a different experience. Some customers commented it would have been faster for them to collect the item from the shelf. The existing process wasn’t meeting their expectations and this project aimed to bring the Click & Collect time to under 3 minutes - the time customer's told us was optimal.

Some of our considerations included:

  • Couldn't make a large investment in changing store configurations or introducing additional storage spots around the store
  • Over 8,000 Team Members working across our store network with varying experience and working hours
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Cross-functional with involvement from Customer Experience, Store Operations, Team Member Experience, Digital, and IT teams


Test and learn

This project used a significant test and learn approach due to the data-drve decision making and number of teams involved throughout the journey. The team facilitated hours of customer usability testing, team member research and insights and data collection.

For me, I was leading the design team for this project and spent the majority of my time involved in stakeholder engagement, business and UX strategy, design guidance and facilitation.

As part of this, I was able to glean the key metrics we were chasing:

  • Reducing order retrieval time
  • Improving C&C and wait time NPS
  • Number of customers using the IOMW product

Some of the key things we found during this test and learn process:

  • Assessment of off-the-shelf solutions, found they would not integrate wth our existing systems
  • Team Members wanted an extension of the in-store PDT app to flow into existing processes
  • Stores stored their Click & Collect packets in back-of-house areas that were quite far from customer collection points
  • Customers didn't always understand where to go on arrival at store
  • The tickets printed on our Click & Collect packets weren't easily scannable by Team Members
  • Operations had significant pipelines of training and process enhancements landing in stores every day
  • Customers were clicking 'I'm on my Way' at arrival to store instead of when they left their house
Some wireframes of the IOMW flow


Key to the test and learn approach are the iterations made along the way. In my role, it was important for me to communicate the team's findings and ensure the technology and operational aspects of the required changes were met. This meant forming close and trustworthy relationships with some key stakeholders so we could move quickly and ensure the best possible outcome before time and budget ran out.

By utilising a custom or bespoke solution, it meant adoption time was low, with minor processes changes happening with only a small amount of training and no need for any additional equipment. We could also revisit customer and store team member feedback and make updates to the IA, copy and functionality to ensure the solution was meeting all stakeholder expectations.

Initially we trialled functionality in 11 stores, before expanding across 51 stores, then finally being implemented throughout the entire 166-store network. The beauty of Officeworks' scale means that even with under half the stores live, we were looking at and learning from over 17,000 collections in the first few weeks.

A walkthrough of one of the iterations


Award winning

I teased this project as award winning and I'm stoked to share we were awarded Best CX Initiative at the 2023 CX Awards. This result is an amazing testimony of the hard work put in by all the teams and that a focus of true customer and team opportunities creates dividends.

The judges said, "it was brilliant to see the winner demonstrate such a great initiative focused on a clear customer painpoint, alongside the clear measure of success."

CX Awards winners
CX Award trophies. Image: Ashton Media.

Some key highlights from this work:

  • The initial rollout saw 16 stores reduce collection times on average by 2.5 minutes
  • It also correlated to a 77.2% increase in Click & Collect customer sentiment, based on 645 pieces of feedback received
  • In a customer survey run after the national rollout, 60% of respondents waited 3 minutes or less to collect their order, an improvement of 66% YoY
  • Officeworks’ NPS has improved by 2.5 points each month since national launch

Next steps

Whilst quite successful, further iterations are planned to ensure we keep pace with customer and market expectations. I have a significant amount of proposed enhancement along this journey which I look forward to working closely with all the teams again to work through.

A big thank you and well done to the... team members who supported this initiative – including... Josh Holmes... Another fantastic recognition of our progress in achieving ‘Easy and Engaging Experiences’ for every customer.
Jess Richmond
GM, Customer & Online

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