Last night I was honoured with being awarded the Suncorp Information Technology Award following being successfully selected as a Top100 Future Leader.

GradConnection, who runs the awards claims the goal is to provide students with both a meaningful experience and an award that acknowledges outstanding students for their services, actions, efforts and positive input that they can use to strengthen their chances of landing their dream career when they graduate.

The Top100 Future Leader’s go through a stringent selection process that filters thousands of university students nationwide. These students not only excel academically, but are also well rounded in possession of leadership skills.
Each of the students go through a best practice graduate recruitment programme, including psychometric testing, video interviews and an Assessment Centre.
I was both lucky and under pressure for each of these steps as at the same time I was applying for a number of internship positions going through the same or a very similar process. I was also successful in this endeavour, snagging an internship with Commonwealth Bank in user experience design and strategy.

The process culminated last night at the Top100 Awards night. It brought students, universities and the most popular graduate employers in Australia together to celebrate success across the entire industry.

I was surprised and extraordinarily thankful to receive the aforementioned award, which recognised my dedication and passion for not only the tech industry but also my commitment to helping others achieve their best. It’s been a long slog at university so far, with it being made more difficult having coming from full time employment within the industry. I’ve kept it interesting by putting time into peer mentoring, assisting with study programs, attending various tech events and other extra curricular activities.
I met so many amazingly talented people, who I know will do great things. It was an absolute blast speaking with them and learning about their experiences and plans. I worked with those in my award category at the assessment centre and found myself inspired, excited and in awe.
My fellow Griffith Uni students made up 10% of the Top100 and took out 3 awards, which is fantastic!

I urge everyone not to settle. Put yourself out there and always look for what else you can do. Getting work experience, trying new things and helping your peers out are great ways to flesh out your resume and give you an advantage.

Thanks to everyone who made the awards possible and to those employers who support us graduates.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Top100 Future Leader Awards