Apple Store App

What an experience it was today!

I have recently purchased a Mac Book Pro to self educate on the different Operating System. I felt it was time for a change and so went ahead with that. previously, I had been buying from the online store. Easy, free, simple. Not to mention I never had a ‘bricks and mortar’ store near me.

But after my recent move, I now have a few within quick travel distance. So, I decided to take a look. Upon entering this insanely busy shop, I was overcome by fear. Fear that I was going to be crushed in the surge of people

that kept going in and out or loitered about for the free WiFi.

Anyway, I moved towards an area which looked like it might hold my Super Drive. I browsed the wall for any other items I might ‘need’ and eventually grabbed the USB DVD drive from the top shelf. Now. To pay….

I looked around for a register. Nope. Genius Bar. Training session. Display products. Front door. People. How do I pay? A strange concept. How do I give the worlds most profitable company more of my hard earned dollars?

Aha! A blue shirt. I grabbed one of the staff and asked, ‘how do I pay?’ He told me to get my iPhone out and open up the Apple Store app (not the App Store). So I did. The app loaded up and presented me with a ‘Welcome to the Apple Store Robina’. Sweet.

The camera activated and I was asked to scan the bar code  I did. It then asked me to confirm my credit card details. I did. It then said OK, thanks. That was it? I had just bought a product from within a store online. Without the need for face to face contact with anyone. I asked the employee why he was even needed. He told me to be quiet- he needed the job!

This seemingly simple, easy, intuitive and painless transaction was fantastic. It was such a great buying experience. I want to go and buy something else, just to do it again!

I walked out of the store and my receipt was emailed to me. Done.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shopping at an Apple Store