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Joshua Holmes
Published on
November 9, 2016
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So, as you have heard, I'm off to San Francisco and Silicon Valley this Sunday!
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What you're probably wondering is how to keep up with everything I will be seeing and doing.
Please find below all the ways to keep up, the expected frequency of posts and what will be posted there.

  • Twitter- very frequent. Expect to see everything I'm doing, thinking or feeling.
    This will be where most of the action lives. Twitter will be like the live stream.

    Follow @JoshDHolmes
  • Snapchat- relatively frequent. If Twitter is the live stream, this could be considered the play-by-play.

    Expect posts like airplane take offs and landings, bus movements, walking up to cool places and me pulling faces in absolute awe.
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  • Instagram- couple of times per day. This will be more of a highlights real.

    I expect to post all the places I visit (within reason), airplane wings through windows and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • This blog- once per day. The debrief and highlights.

    Expect details of things that have happened, embeded posts from myself and others and other exciting announcements.

Pic of me posting all the things:

Other than me, you can also follow these channels for overall information and updates from other participants.

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Joshua Holmes

Josh is a product design leader based in Melbourne, Australia.
He has been working in the design space for 7 years across various industries.