I'm Heading to San Francisco!

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Joshua Holmes
Published on
November 1, 2016
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I'm extremely excited to report I am heading off to Silicon Valley for two weeks thanks to Startup Catalyst!
After a tough selection process, I was one of the lucky 20 to be selected.

Startup Catalyst was formed to assist in the cultural transformation of the Australian economy to one that is fast paced, startup aware, and “global first”.
This is achieved through the immersion of future and current entrepreneurs into high-paced startup-rich environments to help understand differences in our business cultures, and to build networks and connections for trade; on return to fully network these lessons back into the broader community.

The Youth mission I have been selected to take part in sees 20 young tech savvy, high achieving Australians sent to Silicon Valley for two weeks. The mission is fully paid for by some amazing sponsors and attempts to further the chances of the participants being the next batch of highly successful tech entrepreneurs.
We will be visiting awesome places that mostly began in dorm rooms and garages like Facebook, Google and Twitter. We will be hearing from amazing people at places like Startup House, Stanford University and Plug & Play.


In the words of Steve Baxter (Shark Tank Australia), the aim is to spread startup ebola. To infect others with the entrepreneurial spirit and push the Australian landscape into the amazing startup hotspot it can be.

Join us at the official launch event this Wednesday at Blue Sky Investments.

I will be blogging here and tweeting like mad during the mission, beginning November 13th.

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Joshua Holmes

Josh is a product design leader based in Melbourne, Australia.
He has been working in the design space for 7 years across various industries.