Startup Catalyst has just opened applications again for their Future Founder's Mission and it took me back to my times applying. Yes, times.

I wasn't successful the first time. Or the second. But I learned a hell of a lot and gained so much more each and every time.

And even though you should aim to succeed the first time, if you follow in my footsteps, here are some things (100% non-exhaustive) you will still (and importantly) gain.

A new community and ever growing network

Perhaps one of the best things to be gained from this process is an incredible network. The Catalyst community spreads across the globe and the local Brisbane startup scene is incredible. You are going to meet some amazing people who will always give first.

For me, this got me into one of my post-university jobs.

New work or volunteer opportunities

The amount of amazing skills in the community means you will no doubt link up with someone to build something cool. Or go it on your own to improve yourself and others.

For me, this meant hosting the Gold Coast GovHack and helping to form Studio39.

Event opportunities

This one is simple. Learn about and start getting invited to awesome events, where more networks and opportunities are to be had! Hackathons, talks, meetups...

For me, this meant speaking at CompCon.

See how others work and be inspired

You will come across some incredible people. They will have a drive and determination unlike anything you've seen before. And it will inspire you to achieve more and go that step further.

New goals and something to work towards

You will absolutely create goals and attempt to shatter them. You will have the support of a new community, skills from new events and the inspiration from those around you.

For me, this was becoming a bigger part of the community and smashing out some side hustles.

Simple interview and pitch technique

Something you will always have to build upon is the way you present and pitch yourself or your ideas. It can be challenging and uncomfortable, particularly for us Aussies that hate talking ourselves up. But this practice will have you better placed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

So, why not just give it a go? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Applications close soon.

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

6 things you will gain from Startup Catalyst (even if you aren't selected)