I love a good podcast as much as the next person. And equally like the next person, my time is often limited between all the commitments in my life.
So when I get time to listen, I like to ensure I'm learning something new.

So, here's my recommendations for continuous learners like me:


1. Vergecast - The flagship podcast of the Vox Media Podcast Network, Vergecast gives me my weekly tech news in one, sometimes out of control, but always informative listen.

2. The Signal - One of the ABC’s news shows, The Signal dives into one of the top story’s of the day, but keeps it short.

Bonus: Today Explained - Similar to The Signal, but focussed on US news.

3. Download This Show - Another ABC news podcast, this weekly show covers tech, social media and digital products.

Design and Tech

4. Why'd You Push That Button? - Another Verge/Vox podcast, this one looks into the psychology behind why we do the things we do online.

5. Recode Decode - Learn more about tech, business and politics as Kara Swisher hosts interviews with leaders in their field.

6. High Resolution - A look into the design approach taken by leading companies around the world.

7. 99% Invisible - A dive into the process and power of design- especially that which you haven’t noticed.


8. Open the Pod Bay Doors - A look into the Australian startup ecosystem with key players across the startups, investors and experts.


9. Hidden Brain - A look into what drives human behaviour, choices and triggers.

10. Aunty Donna Podcast - An intense, in-depth hour studying the effects of humans doing comedy. Kind of.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

10 Podcasts I Recommend to Continuous Learners